Following the spread of the Coronavirus in Israel, the Israeli government approved the use of surveillance technology to monitor the movements and whereabouts of individuals suspected or confirmed to be infected by the Coronavirus.

By using this technology, officials monitor infected individuals confined to home quarantine and take measures against those who violate their confinement.  Additionally, this technology is used to identify those who have been in close proximity with infected individuals. 

The surveillance technology, namely using mobile phones to track the movements of individuals, is normally used for counter terrorism purposes.  These unique measures which have been approved for a 30 day period, have been subject to wide spread criticism among civil rights organizations, claiming unproportioned infringement of privacy rights. Government officials, in their defense, claim that the Coronavirus possess a unique and grave threat which justifies such measures. 

It is for the reader to decide whether surveillance technology is justified in light of the virus outbreak.  Personally, I believe we are currently facing a very unique situation to say the least.  A unique situation, which calls for unique actions.  No doubt, the governmental actions will be subject to widespread academic debate.