The Spanish Government just announced that it prohibits gambling advertising during the state of alarm that will last at least two more weeks.

In an attempt to protect the consumers and “guarantee their rights” the Government has approved today, Tuesday March 31st 2020, a wide range of measures of which a number of them target the gambling advertising in the scenario of the coronavirus pandemic and economic shutdown.

Limiting the advertising of gambling is the most impacting. The Government considers that with home lockdown there is a risk that gambling problems may be aggravated in the population. Accordingly, gambling advertising is limited to the range of 1 a.m. to 5 a.m.

Additionally, any gambling advertising referring to the current exceptional situation or that may invite someone to gamble using COVID as an excuse, are totally prohibited.  

According to the Government this limitation is intended "to avoid the intensification of consumption of online gambling (especially casino, bingo and poker games), which can lead to compulsive or even pathological consumption behaviors".

The prohibition also affects e-mail direct advertising and social media.