Consumers from multiple states across Brazil filed a total amount of 31 complaints at CONAR (Brazil’s National Advertising Self-Regulating Council) against Newpen do Brasil’s advertisements in social media with the slogan: “SECRETARY OF HEALTH WARNS: NOT USING NEWPEN PENS MAY LEAD TO POOR GRADES”.

The consumers claimed that the advertisement proposed an association between the purchase of Newpen do Brasil’s products and getting good grades at school, which was even more dangerous due to the fact that the advertisements were targeted at children and teenagers, who are considered to be more vulnerable to this kind of message.

In its defense, the advertiser affirmed that it had stopped displaying the advertisements after being notified by CONAR. However, it also denied that it was trying to manipulate children and teenagers with their advertisement’s threatening message.

CONAR agreed with the consumers’ complaints and sent a warning to Newpen do Brasil jointly with the request that the advertisement would no longer be displayed.