At today's annual meeting of the International Council for Ad Self-Regulation, Guy Parker, the Chief Executive of the UK's Advertising Standards Authority, was elected as the new President of ICAS.  

Launched in 2016, ICAS is a network of self-regulatory organizations from Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North and South America, as well as global associations (including the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance and the International Advertising Association).  The mission of ICAS is to promote responsible advertising through effective advertising self-regulation.

Parker succeeds Lee Peeler, who served as ICAS President for the last two years.  Peeler was previously the CEO of the US Advertising Self-Regulatory Council and Executive Vice-President of BBB National Programs, and had also served as the Associate Director for Advertising Practices and as the  Deputy Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection of the United States Federal Trade Commission. 

Upon his election, Parker said, "To quote the wise words of one of the founding fathers of ICAS, (I mean Lee of course), effective advertising self-regulation is 'Good people, doing good work, for a good cause.'  I feel very honored to continue to be a part of that, as ICAS focuses on expanding our network, building even better relationships with digital players, supporting members, being even more active on the policy front and enhancing our visibility further.  All of that in support of the good cause that is: trusted advertising, deserving of our trust." 

Congrats, Guy!