On September 28th and 29th, the International Advertising Association will be hosting its annual Africa Rising conference.  The two-day conference, which will be held virtually, is centered around the theme "Africa to the World," and will focus on the importance of brands as an engine of economic revival in Africa. 

As part of the conference, speakers from the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance will take part in a panel discussion, "Emerging Issues in Advertising Regulation in Africa."  As Chair of the IAA's Public Policy Council, I'll be moderating the panel, which will feature some of Africa's leading advertising lawyers, including: 

The panel will discuss the critical legal issues facing marketers in Africa today.  We'll talk about the current regulatory environment, what changes are on the horizon, what are some key regulatory priorities, the role of self-regulation, rules governing social media and other online platforms, special taste and cultural concerns, and other hot topics.  

For more information, and to register, visit the Africa Rising website here.